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Mon, 07/01/2013 - 23:11 -- Julian
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Bessy is an independent, sassy bunny that likes things her way. She is very routine-based and expects her lettuce and pellets at precisely the same time each day. She is very particular about where her things go in her cage and often rearranges them to find the best spot to flop. She has excellent litter habits and is very trainable. Once Bessy is used to her surroundings, she doesn't chew on anything she shouldn't.

Bessy loves to climb and find the highest observation spot of her cardboard playground. Happy to spend time near people, she is comfortable being petted on her own terms but is not especially cuddly yet. She is getting used to being brushed, something she will require frequently to keep her beautiful fur in check.

She gets very excited when she hears the fridge drawer open, expecting lettuce, and will bounce around her cage in excitement. When given free roaming time, she will binky occasionally to express her happiness.

Bessy would love to befriend her foster family's cat, but is not fond or trusting of dogs and would prefer a dog free home.

Bessy is health checked and spayed.
More about Bessy
Animal ID:17-040
Age:4 years 10 months
Spayed or Neutered?:Yes
Location:Foster Home