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Tue, 08/09/2022 - 09:34 -- natasha

Dylan was a stray, put on a shelter's last-chance list due to his presentation upon capture: his eyes were crusty and cloudy, his coat was dull and scabbed, and he had a concerning upper respiratory infection and ongoing loose stools. But he won over the hearts of the right people, with his kindness and fearless curiosity.

Dylan may have looked ill, but his spirits were too high to be on the last of his nine they got a hold of us. Dylan made his way into a loving foster home; he was neutered, vaccinated, had a cracked canine tooth removed, got antibiotics for his breathing, and eye drops for the crusty, caked discharge. We learned that Dylan was FIV positive*, and that an untreated infection had likely caused the development of this cloudy scar tissue across his field of vision, obscuring his entire right eye and portions of his left. But just like back in the shelter, Dylan's spirit was undeniably happy. He loves curling up by the warm fire, getting pets from his foster, and exploring his new territory. He purrs loudly, loves openly, and knows how to get attention by being downright adorable.

This loving guy is looking for his perfect forever home, which would be someone ready to keep a close eye on his health in a space that is safe for a partially blind cat. If it is a multicat household, his potential adopter would also be sure that there is no risk of aggressive contact and that the other cats are healthy animals who are at low risk of illness, should Dylan ever get sick.

*FIV is an immunocompromised condition, but it is not a death sentence. Dylan might be more prone than the average cat to get sick but still responds well to treatment, so proactivity and regular health checks are key. FIV is not contagious to other species and is only transmitted through bite wounds, so casual contact like sharing a water bowl and grooming are not concerning in households with other friendly cats looking to add this handsome man to their pack.